Coronavirus may kill major game events like E3 for good

After the coronavirus is tamed, video game publishers could switch to digital-only streams and avoid costly events and expos altogether.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting every major industry right now, especially tech and gaming, and at critical advertising and networking points. Almost every major trade show has been cancelled or transformed into a digital-only affair. So far the response has been to adapt or suffer from the disruption. Predictably, the companies have chosen the former. Everyone still has products, content, and ideas to sell to consumers.

The virus is transforming whole industries who are shifting–albeit temporarily–to a more fluid online communications model. Companies will simply hold online streams to reach viewers, gamers, consumers, investors, and analysts directly. With this strategy, companies hit two birds with one stone. First, they avoid possible coronavirus exposure, and secondly and most importantly, they keep costs down.

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